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Buffet Party

4th Sunday Potluck Lunch

We enjoy a potluck lunch on the 4th Sunday of each month following morning worship and service; this is an excellent time of fellowship and getting to know one another better. We invite you to join us at this time, whether you're a member, first-time visitor, or passerby. If you would like to know us better or learn more about our church and church family, please join us for a great meal with great people.

Christmas Parade

Logan Christmas Parade

The Logan Christmas Parade is an event that is in Logan, Ohio which takes place on December 9th at 2:00 pm. This event serves as a great way to reach out to our community. We will have our van in the parade and be handing out candy, tracts, and information about our church. We encourage any of you regular attenders to call the office if you are interested in participating in the event. If you desire to participate in the parade, please call the church office at 740-385-9500. We need people on the van filling candy bags for those walking alongside the van. So just let us know if you want to join us!



The Armory Club is a high-energy gathering that starts with open gym time for the kids to hang out, play basketball, and build fellowship, followed by prayer and service. We offer pickup services are for various areas in Logan. You can drop off your children or call the church to see if your house is in our pickup routes. We have close to a hundred children in attendance, and it’s fun from beginning to end. We offer worship, games, lesson, prayer, and even snacks.

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