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  Authority of the Bible

We believe in the Bible as not a mere rule book for life. Rather, the Bible was given by God to reveal His truth which provides a recipe for abundant life.


Necessity of Grace

No one can get to God on his own, but through Jesus (John 14:6) and God’s gift of grace (Ephesians 2:8-9)we are able to enter into fellowship with the Creator of the Universe. As we must receive the free gift of grace from God, we believe that is the way we need to treat each other. We believe that God’s grace is available for our daily lives.

Need to Reach Out

As God first demonstrated His love for us by sending His son (John 3:16), we too are called to demonstrate the love of God to those around us. We wish to help people in need, not only in a physical sense when possible, but also mentally and spiritually. Currently, less than 20 percent of Hocking County residents have a church home. We aim to help reach these people, to show not only God’s love, but also the joy and peace that only God can give.

Worship as the Ultimate Priority

The Bible says we are created to glorify God. Humankind began this by worshiping God and the bible paints a picture of us doing the same around the throne of God. We aim to worship through song as we pour our hearts out to Him, in which he will draw nearer to us. For this reason, we desire to bring a taste of God’s presence into our lives through worshiping Him.

The Power of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit still empowers, gives gifts, and comforts people today. We value the Spirit’s moving in our lives. We desire that our lives, and services are to be directed by the Spirit.

Culture Currency

We feel that it is important to use modern language and styles of communication of the generation to convey the message of the gospel to this generation. Our dress, language, musical style, and communication reflect this value. We believe the Incarnate Christ is the ultimate example of this. God became flesh to reach us.

It is our desire to be Real, Relevant, & Relational.

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